Immediate Job Openings – Verdugo Pines Bible Camp – California

Verdugo Pines Bible Camp is an assembly operated summer camp in Southern California, located in the Los Angeles national forest. When you think mountain camping, snow, pines, vistas, think Verdugo Pines. See for info and photos.

There are immediate openings for two positions: camp director and a maintenance manager. These are full time positions that will have years of impact in the gospel, discipleship, and S. California assembly life.

Job Title: Director of Operations
Role: Oversee On-Camp Operations
1. Overall oversight of Camp facilities and operations, to include spiritual leadership over staff, upholding of Camp standards and policies, representation of Camps to the public, execution of the Camp Board-approved budget, security, and safety.
2. Ensure camp operations and facilities comply with federal, state, and local standards and regulations.
3. Maintain, supervise, and train an adequate workforce, paid and volunteer, for efficient and high-quality operations and facilities— leading by example.
4. Oversee overall maintenance and cleanliness of Camp facilities and grounds.
5. Ensure high quality food service management compliant with laws, standards, and policies.
6. Manages the scheduling, booking, and contracting of Camp rentals.
7. Maintains an efficient accounting system for camp income and expenditures.
8. Constantly assess staff performance and guest satisfaction to implement efforts to serve guests in a prompt and welcoming manner.
9. Report to the Executive Director and Verdugo Pines Facilities and Operations Advisory Committee (VPFOAC) regarding camp facilities and operations.

Job Title: Maintenance Manager
Role: Lead Camp facilities and grounds maintenance and upkeep

1. Ensure overall maintenance and cleanliness of camp facilities and grounds.
2. Maintain camp equipment and vehicles to ensure they are operationally capable to execute camp needs safely and sufficiently.
3. Oversee camp housekeeping services to ensure visitor satisfaction, comfort, health, and safety.
4. Ensure camp facilities and grounds, including the swimming pool, are fully compliant with all local, state, and federal standards, laws, and regulations.
5. In concert with the US Forest Service (USFS) and the Big Pines Camping Association (PBCA), oversee maintenance of the camp water supply.
6. Lead camp fire prevention efforts, ensuring compliance with Los Angeles County Fire Department, USFS/Monument.
7. Recommend to the Director of Operations purchase of equipment, materials, services, and supplies to sufficiently execute his/her role.
8. Oversee camp maintenance and housekeeping staff and volunteers.
9. Report all maintenance and housekeeping issues to the Director of Operations.
10. Be a representative example of camp to internal staff and external visitors.
11. Fill in additional areas of responsibility, as required.

From the board of directors: We are confident that the Lord will lead us as we seek the next directors for camp. We recognize that the people that He will bring to serve at camp may come from the direct prayers and encouragement from one of you that is reading this. We humbly ask you to please help us to identify sound candidates that can fulfill these roles. For those interested in exploring these roles, please contact the Board President, Dan Lim, at daniel.000.lim @, or the Board Vice President, Shawn Wicks, at [email protected]. You can also call the camp phone number (760) 249-3532.