A Very Present Help

February 15, 2022
A Very Present Help

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
Psalm 46:1

He’s helping me now—this moment, 
Though I may not see it or hear,
Perhaps by a friend far distant,
Perhaps by a stranger near,
Perhaps by a spoken message,
Perhaps by the printed word,
In ways that I know and know not
I have the help of the Lord.

He’s keeping me now—this moment,
However I need it most,
Perhaps by a single angel,
Perhaps by a mighty host,
Perhaps by the chain that frets me,
Or the walls that shut me in,
In ways that I know and know not, 

He keeps me from harm and sin.
He’s guiding me now—this moment,
In pathways easy or hard,
Perhaps by a door wide open, 
Perhaps by a door fast barred,
Perhaps by a joy withholden, 
Perhaps by a gladness given, 
In ways that I know and know not, 

He’s leading me up to heaven.
He’s using me now—this moment,
And whether I go or stand,
Perhaps when He stays my hand,
Perhaps by a silent prayer,
In ways that I know or know not, 
His labor of love I share. 

Annie Johnson Flint