Cornerstone Magazine Video Conferences

August 22, 2023

With the rise in popularity of YouTube videos, Cornerstone Magazine began to produce webinars on subjects of interest to believers to help them grow in the faith. Recruiting a variety of gifted teachers from North America and abroad we have been producing webinars since 2019. The format is generally an interview style with one or more guests answering questions on the state subject.

These are accessible on our website at

Here is a summary of available webinars:

So Great Salvation: Messages on the doctrines of Salvation addressing what is known as “Calvinism” • David Dunlap, Mark Kolchin

Prophetic Significance of Covid 19: The world was shaken by the pandemic. Was there any prophetic significance to this? Discussion of Bible prophecy. Brian Gunning, Randall Amos, Keith Keyser, David Dunlap, Mark Kolchin

Financial Stewardship: Did the economic turmoil of the pandemic affect Christian ministries financially. What are our financial stewardship responsibilities? • Brian Gunning, Rob Sullivan, Jon Benson, Kevin Shantz

Culture or Christ: Is the believer governed by the culture or the scriptures? • Alex Kurian, James Comte

Doctrine of the Gospel: What is the gospel? Getting back to the biblical definitions • David Dunlap, Peter Kerr, Gary McBride, Harold Summers, Ray Jones

Reaching Your World: Are we fulfilling the great commission? Encouragement and challenge from gifted evangelists. • Mark Kolchin, Christ Schroeder, Layton Kerr, Wade LeBlanc

Shepherding the Flock: The work of the overseer is a vital and challenging ministry. Experienced elders discuss this work. • Brian Gunning, Jeff Johnson, Fred Schwertfeger, George McCann

Lord’s Supper: The central meeting of the church instituted by the Lord Himself. Importance aspects of this meeting are discussed. • David Dunlap, Jeff Johnson, Gary McBride, Mike Attwood