Editorial: Introducing Cornerstone Magazine

January 2, 2017
David Dunlap

“To you who believe, this Stone is precious.” – 1 Peter 2:7

You hold in your hand the inaugural issue of Cornerstone Magazine. It is our desire that this issue will be the first of many which will follow. As the Cornerstone in the temple served to unite the whole building together, we pray that Cornerstone Magazine might unite believers of similar convictions to each other. We seek to be a link of information that brings believers and assemblies a little closer together. This year we plan to publish six issues of articles, ministry reports, and announcements of Bible conferences and outreaches throughout North America. May the Lord use this magazine to encourage, inform, and build you up in Him.

The American Dictionary of the English Language, commonly known as Webster’s Dictionary, defines a cornerstone as: “a stone which lies at the corner of two walls, serving to unite them.” Concerning this truth, Paul instructs us, “In Him the whole structure is joined together harmoniously”(Eph. 2:21 Amplified Bible). Christ, as the cornerstone, imparts cohesiveness to the Christian assembly. He places us as “living stones” in His holy temple so that we are united to Him and, at the same time, joined to each other.

The cornerstone was indispensable in the construction of Herod’s temple. The high plateau of Mount Moriah was not level enough for the total space required for that magnificent temple. Thus, the Israelites ingeniously constructed a “temple mount” that was essentially a large box. While others had built walls to terrace the mountain and expand the area, Herod’s project was much more ambitious. It required the use of huge carved stones at the base, a part of which we now call the “Western Wall”. The stones are massive and bear the weight of the walls that hold up the Temple platform. The cornerstone is 45 feet long, 11 feet deep, and 10 feet high, weighing approximately 570 tons. To an observer, it would seem as if the cornerstone was holding up the entire temple. We are God’s holy temple, quarried from a natural rock and supported by the upholding power and presence of the chief Cornerstone.

A life that is built upon Christ is a life built upon an unshakeable foundation. From an architectural and spiritual standpoint, a cornerstone would control the design of a building. From the location of the cornerstone, an architect would plan and balance the entire structure. Christ, as the cornerstone, will determine the direction and design of our lives. He will give symmetry to life. He will make all parts of the church contribute to the whole. He will give balance, strength, and foundation. He will hold together all facets of life in proper proportion and perspective.

The Cornerstone holds the most honored position. Peter wrote: “To you who believe, this Stone is precious” (1 Peter 2:7). The word precious equates with honor. In some buildings, the cornerstone is the ceremonial block that is placed in the outer wall bearing an inscription that memorializes the event. As the cornerstone, Christ holds the most honored and important position in the church. This truth should not just be a noble thought but a truth and reality. Our intent is that Cornerstone Magazine, like the cornerstone of old, may honor Christ, unite assemblies, and support believers in the coming days.

– David Dunlap (Editor)