Testify Training Camp

Testify is a 4-day (4-night) training camp for witnessing and evangelism. Mornings are spent in evangelism training at Willowbrook Bible Camp, and in the afternoon they go to the Iowa State fair in Des Moines to practice what they have learned. They spend time at a gospel booth inside the varied industries buildings handing out tracts and having conversations with those who are interested and also spending time out in the fair striking up conversations about Christ.

The Iowa state fair had over 1.1 million attendees last year and over 75,000 tracts were distributed from the booth. To learn more about the training visit – https://tomorrowsforefathers.com/testify-training-camp/

Week 1:
Speaker – Tony Ramsek from Gospel Equip
Date – Aug 8 – 12

Week 2:
Speaker – Eric Hovind from Creation Today
Date – Aug 15 – 19