In Glory: Gaston Jolin

February 28, 2017
Gérald Boisvert

Brother Gaston Jolin has been promoted to glory. Gaston has labored for many years in French speaking Canada, mostly in Quebec and northern Ontario. He has given himself and his considerable energy in the spread of the gospel. He was born in 1931, and passed away on August 28, 2016 at the age of 85.

Gaston was a visionary. He was commended to the work of the Lord in 1963 by the assembly in Rollet, Quebec. He founded the bilingual camp Camp des Iles near Rollet. Shortly after he joined another brother in Radio work to get the gospel to isolated regions of northern Ontario and Quebec. Soon after, in 1964, the work was turned into the television program now called L’Heure de la Bonne Nouvelle (Good News Hour). It is the longest running television program in all of Canada.

Later Gaston, along with his brother Jacques, started another camp, Camp Joli-B which receives about 400 campers each year. He was also the writer of the book “Messager de la bonne nouvelle” (Good News Messenger).

Gaston was a rustic man, raised in northern Quebec. As his family were pioneers in the north, so he was a pioneer in the gospel. Brother Jolin, as a pilot, “flew by the seat of his pants”. This expression also describes how he laboured for his Master. His only resource book was the Bible, and there was little, if any other direction or instrumentation. He saw needs and opportunities. He took those opportunities as doors to serve even further. He was saved over 70 years ago, and now has the joy of being with his Lord and Saviour face to face and serving Him there too.

Gaston was so respected and so well known that the funeral services needed to be held in an arena.

Brother Jolin came from a large family, and had 7 children. He left behind a large family, and many Christians to mourn and to rejoice.

Brother Gaston was one of the last of this generation of pioneers. He passed on the baton for others to continue the race in all of his many endeavors. Will we also take up the call to snatch up the baton from those who have gone on before us?