Why I Like the Midweek Prayer Meeting

September 6, 2017
Brian Gunning

I like the mid-week prayer meeting. I feel sorry for Christians who cannot make it due to legitimate demands of work and family. I feel even sorrier for Christians who can make it to prayer meeting but choose not to. Here’s why mid-week prayer meeting should be on every believer’s schedule.

✔ It is a time of spiritual refreshment in the midst of a hostile world. All week long we are confronted with this world. Its constant assault can dull our spiritual senses and wear us down in spiritual apathy. The prayer meeting is a great way to get refocused on the thing that really matters. We need the prayer meeting to keep us sharp spiritually. We can never have too much exposure to spiritual things. Let the busyness of life crowd out other things, but not the prayer meeting.

✔ The prayer meeting connects us with fellow believers. The writer to the Hebrews challenged us to meet frequently (Heb. 10:25) for mutual encouragement and to avoid the danger of abandoning the assembling of ourselves together. We minister to others and others ministered to us when we attend at prayer meeting.

✔ Prayer changes things. The collective prayer of God’s people is a powerful force. Yes, we do pray privately too. But there is added force when believers assemble together to pray. It supports so many lives and ministries. The very health of your assembly depends on men and women who know how to pray.

✔ The mid-week prayer meeting presents an ideal opportunity for younger men to learn to develop gifts in preaching, song leading, and chairing meetings. Young men, be there! And the rest of us should be there, too, to support the next generation.

✔ It is an ideal time to hear missionary reports. With today’s technology, we can have live presentations from missionaries all over the world. Hearing and praying for other ministries beyond our own local area is healthy for every assembly. Who knows what future missionaries are sitting right in your prayer meeting? And who knows what an impact we can have in some work on the other side of the world?

✔ The prayer meeting is mandated in the New Testament. The early church continued in prayer according to the book of Acts (Acts 2:42). It was not just occasional but steadfast (Acts 12:5). If we claim to be New Testament churches, then we need to follow the example and likewise be steadfast in prayer. So how is your schedule this week? Will you and your family make room for prayer meeting? Don’t miss this blessing from heaven.