May We Introduce… Matt Williams

August 31, 2020

Website Development

Matt Williams is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and in fellowship at Tavistock Bible Chapel in Tavistock, Ontario. Recounting his salvation Matt states, “I was saved very early in my childhood and grew slowly and steadily through great Christian influences in my assembly and throughout Southwestern Ontario.” He married his wife Deanna in 2015 and they now have two boys, Micah (2) and Jonah (4 months). Describing their current ministry he says, “Deanna and I have a passion for the spiritual growth of young adults and run a C&C Group Bible Study as well as being involved in other activities at our assembly.” He started his digital marketing company, Louise Street Marketing Inc., in 2010 and it has grown steadily ever since. They service ministries, nonprofits, and corporations. He desires to use his company to support Brethren assemblies, camps, ministries, and more. They do this by providing website development to local churches at cost as well as giving discounts to non-profits and ministries. They have worked with clients such as Uplook Ministries, MSC Canada, Gospel Folio Press, Know the Word, Cornerstone Magazine, and many more. If you have any questions or need help with your website or digital marketing presence, please feel free to contact them directly at [email protected] or visit

The Cornerstone Magazine committee is thankful to the Lord for Louise Street Marketing Inc.’s contribution to this far-reaching ministry to encourage His people.