May We Introduce

June 30, 2020
Mark Kolchin

Sarah Bhatt

Social Media Manager

Sarah Bhatt is Cornerstone Magazine’s new social media manager. It is a position that Cornerstone created recently to raise the magazine’s visibility across various social media platforms. Sarah is currently a sophomore studying public relations at the University of Florida. When not at school, she lives at home in Lutz, Florida, fellowshipping at Land O’Lakes Bible Chapel. “I have not always been a Southerner”, Sarah states. “I was born in Newark, Delaware–twice. My spiritual birth, I distinctly remember, was on a drive home from preschool”. Sarah recalls with delight the memorable spring day when she trusted Christ as her Savior. She also remembers well her faith-building conversations and experiences growing up at Greenwood Hills Bible Conference in PA, where she spent many of her summers. “These summers brought me godly friends and mentors who taught me to serve the Lord and spend time with Him often. Their encouragement jouneyed with me into public school, where I learned to defend my faith and hold fast to God’s Word amidst diverse trials”. Sarah’s experience has also included Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ. Sarah looks forward to working with Cornerstone Magazine and the tremendous open door available to edify and uplift the saints through social media.

Danielle Robins

Graphic Designer

Danielle was born into a loving home in Flamborough, Ontario, Canada. Growing up, she attended church and Christian schools but never heard the Gospel. She attended a three-year Graphic Design program at Conestoga College leading to employment at Gospel Folio Press in Port Colborne. As time went on, God revealed Himself to Danielle and on October 18, 2010 she trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. On the fourth anniversary of trusting in the Lord, she made the second-best decision she had ever made by marrying David Robins. They fellowship at Brockview Bible Chapel in St. Catharines and make their home in Niagara Falls, Ontario. As Cornerstone’s graphic designer, Danielle says,  “I can see how clearly the Lord has led me up until this point in my life. Even before I trusted in Him, He faithfully brought me through situations that would shape my life personally and professionally. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to use the skills God has given me to edify His saints through Cornerstone Magazine.” 

The Cornerstone Ministry committee is thankful to the Lord for bringing these gifted people to us to encourage His people through this far-reaching ministry.