Report: Cornerstone Magazine Webinar Ministry

June 30, 2020
Brian Gunning

On April 13, Cornerstone Magazine introduced its first ever online webinar using video conferencing technology. Due to the country-wide stay at home orders by civil government, people were looking for ways to continue to communicate and stay in touch. Video conferencing has been used for years by business organizations, but it has now been brought into wider use with the general public. Robert Youssef of Axios One International, Allentown, Pennsylvania, provided the technical expertise utilizing the GoToWebinar service.

Since the pandemic occurred, there have been some wild speculations made by professing Christians, often citing prophetic passages, and offering explanations for the meaning of the present worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19. Therefore, to provide accurate biblical exegesis, we thought it would be profitable for interested believers to hear reputable Bible teachers comment on the present situation in light of what the Scripture actually teaches.   

The first video conference was called “Is there Prophetic Significance to COVID-19?” Panelists including Randal Amos (Oregon City, Oregon), David Dunlap (Land O’ Lakes, Florida, President of Cornerstone Magazine Inc.), Keith Keyser (Birdsboro, Pennsylvania) and Mark Kolchin (Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, Editor of Cornerstone Magazine Inc.) were asked by panel moderator, Brian Gunning, to discuss the following questions:

1. Is COVID-19 one of the pestilences mentioned in Matthew 24?

2. Should Christians pray the prayer of Psalm 91?

3. Does 2 Chron-icles 7:14 promise healing of our land through prayer?

4. Does Scripture teach that the rapture generation will see signs of the tribulation? 

5. Are churches obligated to follow government mandated banning of public meetings or is this a forsaking of assembling of ourselves together and obedience to man instead of God?

6. What practical things can Christians do in the present pandemic in terms of evangelism and ministry to fellow believers?

Almost 1,000 devices registered to view the video conference and subsequently the recording has had over 3,300 views on YouTube. In light of this high level of interest, Cornerstone Magazine then arranged for a follow up webinar titled, “Prophecy and the End Times.” This was held on May 4 with the same panel members discussing the following questions:

1. What is the difference between the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ?

2. Will the church go through the Tribulation?

3. Does Matt 24:34 apply to Christians today? 

4. What is a timeline of prophetic events at the end of the world?

Again, there was a tremendous response with a viewership of over 600 people with many follow up questions and encouraging emails. 

If you missed these conferences, you can view them at the Cornerstone Magazine’s YouTube channel called Cornerstone Conferences. Lord willing, we hope to hold more video conferences later this year to discuss a variety of subjects of interest to believers. Please send us your comments or suggestions.