Report: Emmaus Worldwide

August 22, 2023
Steve Modrzejewski

In 1942, the Founders of Emmaus Bible College, Dr. R.E. Harlow, C. Ernest Tatham, and John Smart met to discuss a correspondence division. Dr. Harlow said, “We will not be able to reach all who want to study unless we offer the lessons by correspondence.”

Eighty-one years later, Emmaus Worldwide stays true to the heart of its founders and its mission. That mission is to glorify God by providing biblically sound resources and structured study materials to teach people from every nation to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to grow in Him, and to share their faith with others.

Emmaus Worldwide continues to be used by the Lord in powerful ways around the world. Bible courses are being distributed in 105 countries in 80 languages through our ministry partners, missionaries, and a network of national volunteers. Over 1.4 million courses are distributed annually with a 78% completion rate. The number rebounded in 2021 to 1,375,350. We are thrilled to be approaching a cumulative distribution of 50 million courses worldwide. Already 7% of that number are courses studied digitally with students located in 197 countries!  

Emmaus students continually send in encouraging testimonies from all over the globe. Here is one from a student in Zimbabwe: 

“My name is Emmanuel Mkuze. In June 2022, I enrolled with Emmaus Bible School at my church. A sister there persuaded me to try the Bible courses for my spiritual growth. I started with the course, “Word of God,” and then I decided to continue with more courses. After realizing that the courses were so straightforward, I found myself carving out several hours to immerse myself in the study. The knowledge that I am gaining is proving to be so helpful to my Christian life. I can surely tell that these courses were written by people who love God and the scriptures.”

In addition to the Global Ministry, Emmaus Worldwide has a team dedicated to Prison Ministry. One out of every 32 people in the United States is in prison or on probation right now! 101,734 Emmaus Worldwide courses were distributed to prisoners in 2022 with an 80% completion rate, far above the national average. Prison staff and administrators like our courses because inmates that study Emmaus Worldwide courses are less likely to return to prison after they complete their sentence. Additionally, each prison student is personally mentored by one of the many ministries and churches that work as part of our network. The students love that an actual person responds to their exam answers, giving them a personal relationship with a believer outside of the prison. Listen to what this prisoner wrote:

“First and foremost, correspondence courses have given me assurance that I am not alone and not forgotten. There are others out there who care about my situation. The volunteers at Emmaus do not have to write personal comments and letters, but they do. That really touches my heart. Also, the lessons have taught me things I once was mistaken about.” Wade (TX)

Inmate’s families are impacted by Emmaus courses as well:

“My husband is one of the inmates who found CHRIST JESUS because of your ministry. I am very grateful for all that you have done for him. He finds new strength to endure his journey in the federal prison system by doing your lessons and reading his Bible each day. May God bless each one of you and what you do for all the inmates (Alice)  

Providing a Bible focused curriculum for homeschooled children is another facet of our ministry. Studies show that 2 out of 3 teenagers are struggling with their faith going into college, and a high percentage never go to church again. Our goal is to develop kids that are confident in their spiritual growth, prepared for the challenges of life, and thriving in their walk with Christ. With curriculum packages made for every learning level, students develop Bible study habits that will last them the rest of their lives. 

Our Connector program was created to address the need that Bible Study leaders have for reliable discipleship tools. Over time, it has been known by various names, but its purpose remains the same: to facilitate the growth of believers. Connectors serve as a link between individuals studying Emmaus courses on their own and the broader network of the local church and Emmaus Worldwide. As a result, these courses play a significant role in transforming a church or Bible study group from having a superficial faith to actively pursuing a deeper and more meaningful faith.

Emmaus Worldwide’s dedication to spreading the teachings of the Bible and fostering spiritual growth is evident through our global reach and impact. From our origins as a correspondence division to our current worldwide ministry, our staff and volunteers continue to be passionate about taking God’s Word to the world. Would you prayerfully consider how the Lord might have you get involved with the ministry of Emmaus Worldwide?