Salvation Stories: John Moore

March 30, 2018
John Moore

The Value of A Godly Heritage

“God setteth the solitary in families…” Psalm 68:6

My name is John Moore, and I was born on September 6, 1956. Six days later I was adopted. I never knew my birth parents, but my adoptive parents handled that with wisdom, and from an early age I remember my parents telling me that I was adopted by them and that they had specifically chosen me to be their son. That satisfied me and I never felt a need to discover my birth parents.

My earliest spiritual memories were my dad and mom and me at bedtime gathering around and having family devotional and praying together. What was amazing at the time is that none of us were saved! My dad was reared by a godly father who greatly influenced his life in spiritual matters, so he grew up knowing right from wrong and with a respect for God, the Bible, and church. This was also influenced by the common morality of America in the 1930s and 40s.

From my earliest days, my dad and I went to church. My mother had very severe rheumatoid arthritis, and usually could not attend with us due to her pain and disability, but she made sure that we went. Dad went to a men’s class and I attended Sunday School, and then both of us went to the 11 o’clock worship service.

As I went through elementary school and on to high school, I faced all the temptations available at that time. However, I was very close to my parents and did not want to disappoint them, so I never fell into sin like a lot of my classmates. My dad prepared me for high school and forewarned me about all the temptations I would face and exhorted me to follow the right path and not yield to sin. Although I received a lot of criticism from my peers, I did not waiver or give in.

Between my junior and senior year, I had the opportunity to take classes at a local college, where I also lived for the summer. While I was there, I heard about a Bible study on campus and since I had a habit of attending religious services, I went. That night, for the first time in my life, I heard a clear presentation of the gospel. I immediately became convicted of my sin and my heart was deeply touched by the love of the Saviour who willingly gave Himself for me. I went back to my room that night and trusted the Lord Jesus. Although I had attended church all my life, for the first time I knew I was saved.

When I finished my classes and came home, I immediately shared the gospel with my mom, and she too was saved upon hearing the Good News. When I witnessed to my dad, he was cautious and wondered about the words I shared with him. However, over time, as my mom and I talked openly about the Lord Jesus, he would ask us questions. I also gave him a book to read entitled “The Making of a Man of God” by Alan Redpath which he read. Soon, he trusted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour too.

Now when we went to church, even the hymns we sang had new meaning. Dad became involved with the Gideons and he witnessed to the men in his Sunday School class.

Today, I thank my God for the adoptive parents that I had and for the great influence they had in my life, leading me in a good path until I came to know the Lord Jesus as my Saviour.

Since that time, when I was saved at age 16, I have walked with the Lord in daily fellowship in His Word and prayer. The Lord later provided me with a wonderful godly wife. Over time, we had four children and today have 5 grandchildren. Also, I serve as an elder at Three Oaks Bible Chapel in Macon, GA and enjoy preaching the Word and serving the Lord’s people.