The Holy Child

December 11, 2023
Jim Paul

Down from heaven He came, that sacred place,
The Son of God to seek and save the human race.
What distance travelled can’t be measured in miles,
To reach a world so controlled by Satan’s wiles.

He was not born in a palace, the home of kings,
But in a stable where little birds do chirp and sing.
The animals too would surround the lowly manger,
As at that time this baby born would be a stranger.

Out in the hills the shepherds worked up yonder,
Then angels praised and filled the sky with wonder.
The greatest news from heaven they would proclaim,
The birth of the Lord Jesus who has the greatest Name.

Many lives have been touched by this historic event,
For he who was born then was by the Father sent.
From Mary, Anna, Simeon, and the wise men,
To everyone since they witnessed by word and pen.

The amazing thing He came for you and me,
His journey then took Him on to Calvary’s tree.
For there he paid redemption’s awful price for sin,
That we might one day be in eternity with Him.

I am looking forward to that great moment so rare,
The trumpet will sound, we’ll meet Him in the air.
He will call us together and we will see His face,
And sing forever more O wondrous grace.