Give Me This Mountain

October 26, 2022
Nate Bramsen

How easily tempted and subtly lured,

To pray for mountains to move, 

When oft, the stark reality is,

Tis you, not the mountain He moves.

The climb may be steep and the threats may loom large,

Yet with Caleb we boldly will pray, 

“Give me this mountain, if the Lord be with me!”

It’s but a platform on which to praise.

We have been called “A city on the hill”, yet in fear, we crouch down,

And ask for a valley wherein to hide. 

When the obstacle we fear, is an opportunity to claim,

For the Master who taught us to climb.

So, sisters and brothers, let us confidently pray,

For feet like the deer to scale the peak.

And rather than pray for the mountain to move,

For the courage to mount up may we seek. 

Nathan Bramsen 

August, 2022